• These duffel bags are designed to take the abuse of professional workers and outdoor equipment users alike. Meant to hold heavy steel tool heads and telescopic poles, these duffel bags and backpack are designed to go anywhere, in or on anything; machine, human or animal. Stuff these duffel bags full and feel secure.
  • Choose the appropriate size duffel bag and fill with Inteletool tool heads and as many telescopic poles as you need to meet the job or outdoor need.  Made for search and rescue, garden tools, off road accessories, motor home accessories, 4x4 accessories, ATV accessories, camping gear, outdoor gear, hunting gear, fire equipment, firefighting tools, cleaning equipment.
  • A feature that is unique to Inteletool is that you can build your own garden, maintenance, recovery, emergency, disaster or firefighting tool kit. Combine any number of tool heads and telescopic poles and our backpack or the duffel bag of your choice and you’re set!