Inteletool means Interchangeable Telescopic Tool. Easy to store and transport. Built Tough.
  • These tool kits combine Inteletool tool heads with Inteletool telescopic poles to match the needs of a variety of outdoor jobs including but not limited to firefighting, gardening, hunting, camping, hiking, off road (4x4 and ATV), disaster clean up, military, maintenance (building, ground), camping (RV and tent), backpacking and more. Made for search and rescue, garden tools, off road accessories, motor home accessories, 4x4 accessories, ATV accessories, camping gear outdoor gear, hunting gear, fire equipment, fire tools, cleaning equipment.
  • Simply choose the tool head you need, match the telescopic pole to the job and you're set. Transport in any vehicle, or by any means human or animal, with ease. Store in any compartment. When used with any Inteletool telescopic pole, the head detaches and the pole collapses for easy storage and transport or shorten the Inteletool telescopic pole and transport as a smaller tool. 
  • The Industrial Strength Interchangeable Inteletool Telescopic poles utilize the ACME thread in combination with a nylon collar lock to connect the tool head to the Inteletool telescopic pole for a secure permanent feel. Simply thread the tool head of your choice into the end of the Inteletool telescopic pole, tighten down the collar and you’re set. The Inteletool telescopic pole also features a twist & lock innerlocking mechanism with an external nylon collar, to prevent the pole from collapsing while in use. Handle Dia. 1 1/4in.-1 1/2in.